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Tideman P, Taylor A, Janus E, et al. A comparison of Australian rural and metropolitan cardiovascular risk and mortality: the Greater Green Triangle and North West Adelaide Population Surveys. BMJ Open 2013;3:e003203. An error in the coding of one of the categorical variables used to calculate the Framingham five-year risk was detected following publication. The error does not affect the overall conclusions drawn in this paper but has changed figure 1A. The corrected figure 1A is below.

Figure 1A

Framingham absolute cardiovascular disease risk by age.

In addition, the first sentence of the Results section of the Abstract should now read: ‘Few significant differences in CVD risk between the study regions, with mean absolute CVD risk ranging from approximately 1% in the age group 35–39 years to 14% in the age group 70–74 years.’

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