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Downe S, Schmidt E, Kingdon C, et al. Bereaved parents’ experience of stillbirth in UK hospitals: a qualitative interview study. BMJ Open 2013;3:e002237. On page 3, the first paragraph of the section ‘Reflexive accounting’ should read as follows:

Reflexive accounting23 24

SD, a midwife and academic, believed that services for parents experiencing stillbirth had improved greatly over the last two decades. She anticipated that the study would indicate some gaps in service provision. EBS, a social scientist, specialises in research with families. She had no previous experience working with maternity services, and approached the research with a high degree of openness. CK, a medical sociologist with over ten years experience in maternity research, hoped that greater recognition and understanding of parents perspectives would provide a catalyst for change. AH, an obstetrician, believed that there were significant gaps in care, particularly for psychological support and preparing parents for discharge from hospital. He also believed that clinical care, such as the choice to have investigations to determine a cause for stillbirth, can be positively associated with parents’ recovery from grief.

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