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Kontopantelis E, Buchan I, Reeves D, et al. Relationship between quality of care and choice of clinical computing system: retrospective analysis of family practice performance under the UK's quality and outcomes framework. BMJ Open 2013;3:e003190. There are four errors in this paper:

  • ProdSysOneX is an incorrect system name. The actual name is SystmOne.

  • The first paragraph on page 8 contains incorrect information. The original version reads:

“the LV system was used by 24.8% of practices in London and 50.5% of practices in the South East.”

This has now been changed to:

“the LV system was used by 24.8% of practices in the South-East and 50.5% of practices in London.”

  • There is incorrect labelling in table 3. The Strategic Health Authority labels were mixed up in the original. The correct order is as follows: North-East, North-West, Yorkshire-Humber, East Midlands, West Midlands, East of England, London, South East Coast, South Central, South West. A footnote has also been added to table 3, which clarifies why the rows in the Strategic Health Authority section do not add up to 100%. A corrected version of table 3 can be seen below.

  • The figure 1 image resolution is too low. A new version can be found below.

Table 3

Practice characteristics by system, 2010/2011: mean (SD) or percentage

Figure 1

Spatial maps of England, for each of the outcome measures.

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