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Langton DJ, Sidaginamale RP, Joyce TJ, et al. The clinical implications of elevated blood metal ion concentrations in asymptomatic patients with MoM hip resurfacings: a cohort study. BMJ Open 2013;3:e001541.

The funding statement in this article should have been: ‘This work was funded by a grant from the British Orthopaedic Association/Joint Action.’

The competing interests statement should have been: DJL, is an unpaid consultant for Wright Medical; DJL, AVFN, SN and TJJ are expert witnesses in ongoing litigation regarding MoM hip joints; DJL has been reimbursed for individual talks for DePuy and Finsbury; AVFN has received reimbursement for DePuy educational sessions; AVFN and DJL have received reimbursement for travel to educational meetings by Smith and Nephew, Zimmer, DePuy and Wright Medical.'

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