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Wessel M, Lynöe N, Juth N, et al. The tip of an iceberg? A cross-sectional study of the general publics' experiences of reporting healthcare complaints. BMJ Open 2012:2:e000489.

There are two misstatements in this article:

Page 1: Abstract (Results): “The degree of underreporting was greater among patients with a general negative experience of healthcare (37.3% CI: 31.9–42.7) compared with those with a general positive experience (4.8% CI: 2.4–7.2).

The proportion ‘4.8% CI: 2.4–7.2’ should be ‘7.8% (5.6–10)’.

Page 2: Material and methods: “Of the sample of 1500, 16 questionnaires were returned due to death or unknown address; altogether 992 participants (62.1%) returned a completed questionnaire…” The correct number of participants is 922.

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