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Osei-Assibey G, Dick S, Macdiarmid J, et al. The influence of the food environment on overweight and obesity in young children: a systematic review. BMJ Open 2012;2:e001538.

On page 9 under the section ‘Outcome variables’ the first sentence should read: ‘Although within majority of the included studies outcome measures were BMI, BMI z-scores or changes in weight,19-22 35-44 47 49 50 52 53 other studies only reported the outcomes as changes in energy intakes, gain in health-related and nutrition-related knowledge and taste preference scores.25 28-30

In tables 1 and 2 the following should have been inserted above the line

‘Restaurants, fast food outlets and coffee bars; No studies’:

‘Food availability and access

No studies’

In the Acknowledgements section the acronym ‘(EDPHiS)’ should have followed ‘Environmental Determinants of Public Health in Scotland.’

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