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Orton P, Orton C, Pereira Gray D. Depersonalised doctors: a cross-sectional study of 564 doctors, 760 consultations and 1876 patient reports in UK general practice. BMJ Open 2011;1:e000274.

Further to the existing Acknowledgements, Dr Peter Orton was very grateful, and remains grateful, to Dr Martin and colleagues in the Laindon Health Centre Research Team, Essex, for encouragement and substantial support with his research, including: some preliminary data evaluation, sponsorship, support in employing research staff, help in obtaining research governance approvals, advice, and document storage. He acknowledges help and support from all members of the Laindon Health Centre Research Team.

After receiving information supplied after publication, Laindon Health Centre Research Fund should be added to the list of funders.

Christopher Orton's contribution to the paper spanned time spent at Laindon Health Centre and at St George's Medical School, London.

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