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Correction: Citation impact and social media visibility of Great Barrington and John Snow signatories for COVID-19 strategy

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Ioannidis JP. Citation impact and social media visibility of Great Barrington and John Snow signatories for COVID-19 strategy. BMJ Open 2022;12:e052891. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2021-052891.

  1. The methods section does not indicate the statistical tests being used. The statistical tests are: (i) the Fisher’s exact test for 2x2 tables (ii) the Mann-Whitney U test for two groups.

  2. The Kardashian K-index was originally presented in satirical tone in an article,1 but has been used in numerous studies as a measure of an author’s scholarly output compared to their social media presence.

  3. The competing interests declaration of the author has been disputed, particularly the author’s relationships to researchers closely linked to the Great Barrington Declaration, most notably Jay Bhattacharya and Scott Atlas. Please see the rapid responses to the article for the criticisms and the author’s response. The author has now provided a more detailed statement relating to his professional collaborations:

As of February 2022, the 443 signatories from GBD included four scientists with whom I have co-authored, and three with Stanford affiliation. The respective first 443 signatories of JSM included five scientists with whom I have co-authored, and 15 with Stanford affiliation. I have co-authored COVID-19 scientific papers with both GBD and JSM signatories (more with the latter). I have more close ongoing collaborators and friends in JSM than GBD. According to Scopus I have 6590 co-authors and probably>200 have signed GBD or JSM. I have learnt from both JSM and GBD colleagues and I thank them all for sharing their wisdom. Some readers ruminated on potential relationships specifically with Jay Bhattacharya (JB) and Scott Atlas (SA), so I provide more in-depth details: I have co-authored five papers with JB, talked with him and met in person several times, and enjoyed dinner together once (in April 2022). Comparatively, with several JSM signatories I have co-authored more papers (up to 19), talked and met more often and shared more meals. An interview ( highlights my agreements and disagreements with JB. I have not co-authored with SA, I have talked a few times with him, but haven’t met in person yet. I have interacted with several thousand people more than with SA. I am among several thousands of Stanford faculty and staff who did not sign an open denouncement letter against SA; the approximately 100 who signed include some of my best friends and collaborators. I wish people with opposing views could meet and discuss dispassionately 1 day, and I offer to moderate such discussions. I thank everyone who made well-intentioned contributions to the COVID-19 crisis.


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