Resources for Authors

BMJ Open Aims to publish articles that: pose clear research questions; use appropriate designs to answer those questions; report fully the methods and results; and interpret the findings with appropriate caution and clarity.

In these pages we hope to provide authors with tools and advice to put together the best possible article. Some instructions are specific to BMJ Open, some advice is more general. For technical instructions on how to format and submit your article, see our instructions for authors.

How can I maximise my chances of being published?

BMJ Open will publish all submissions judged to be technically sound after peer review. Asking yourself these five questions will help maximise your chances of a successful submission.

1. Does my research fall within BMJ Open's aims and scope?
2. Is the research question clear?
3. Is the study design appropriate?
4. Is the study valid?
5. Is the research presented correctly?

These are intended to be aids to a successful submission and reflect the type of judgement we ask reviewers to make. See exactly what reviewers will be asked here. If you have any questions please info.bmjopen{at}

Where can I find more general advice?

The pages above all contain useful information for anyone preparing a research article for BMJ Open. The following links provide more detailed information on how to perform and report research. The links are not exhaustive and if you know of any good resources we have not listed, please info.bmjopen{at} This advice is supplementary to our instructions for authors.

General advice on designing, carrying out and reporting research >>

Authors' Submission Toolkit: A practical guide to getting your research published >>

How can I pay the article-publishing charge?

BMJ Open, like many open access journals, works on the 'author pays' principle. If accepted for publication, authors will be asked to pay an article-publishing charge (APC) of UK £1,350 (+VAT where applicable), US $2,200 or EUR 1,900 for research articles. The charge for publishing a study protocol is £1,000 (+VAT where applicable), US $1,650 or EUR 1,450. This is to cover the costs of making everything we publish free from any form of subscription: costs include administering the peer review process, production (typesetting and proofreading), continuous hosting of the content online, and marketing the content to increase exposure for authors.

Who might pay the APC for me? >>

Resources for data management and sharing

BMJ Open supports the idea that all appropriate datasets should be placed in open repositories. To assist, we have assembled some useful links and resources that cover best practice for data management plans through to sharing and citing complete datasets.

Resources for data management and sharing >>

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