Immunology (including allergy)

Pneumococcal conjugate vaccines PREVenar13 and SynflorIX in sequence or alone in high-risk Indigenous infants (PREV-IX_COMBO): protocol of a randomised controlled trial

Amanda Jane Leach, Edward Kim Mulholland, Mathu Santosham, Paul John Torzillo, Ngiare Joy Brown, Peter McIntyre, Heidi Smith-Vaughan, Sue Skull, Anne Balloch, Ross Andrews, Jonathan Carapetis, Joseph McDonnell, Vicki Krause, Peter Stanley Morris, T Grierson, N Wilson, N Birt, Z Hayes, N Wienert, B Nankervis, K Whykes, S Sprenger, B Arrowsmith, V Coomber, R Sharp, D Woltring, J Beissbarth, M Chatfield, C Gage-Pearson, L Bell, N Glasson, M Downie, R Lennox, E Nosworthy


January 16, 2015