Health policy

Implementation of an evidence-based model of care for low back pain in emergency departments: protocol for the Sydney Health Partners Emergency Department (SHaPED) trial

Gustavo C Machado, Bethan Richards, Chris Needs, Rachelle Buchbinder, Ian A Harris, Kirsten Howard, Kirsten McCaffery, Laurent Billot, James Edwards, Eileen Rogan, Rochelle Facer, David Lord Cowell, Chris G Maher, for the SHaPED trial Investigators, Matthew Oliver, Danielle Coombs, Ruth Perrot, Matthew Chu, Mona Marabani, Daniel Harrison, Leslie Barnsley, Kristy Hatswell, Mauricio Oliveira, Noel Baidya, Hannah Storey, Rachael Knoblanche, Matthew Vukasovic, Nicholas Manolios, Katherine Maka, Rob Day, Rodger Laurent, Matthew Jennings, Robyn Speerin, Nobby Alcala, Niamh Moloney, Manuela Ferreira, Paulo Ferreira, Chris Lin


April 19, 2018

Opportunities and challenges to improving antibiotic prescribing practices through a One Health approach: results of a comparative survey of doctors, dentists and veterinarians in Australia

Annie Zhuo, Maurizio Labbate, Jacqueline M Norris, Gwendolyn L Gilbert, Michael P Ward, Beata V Bajorek, Chris Degeling, Samantha J Rowbotham, Angus Dawson, Ky-Anh Nguyen, Grant A Hill-Cawthorne, Tania C Sorrell, Merran Govendir, Alison M Kesson, Jonathan R Iredell, Dale Dominey-Howes


March 30, 2018