Table 3

Characteristics of patients discharged for acute myocardial infarction hospitalisation in 2008 in Illinois and North Carolina

CharacteristicsBasic/below basic health literacyAbove basic health literacyAbsolute standardised difference*
N (%)1113 (14.4)6620 (85.6)
Having hospital readmission within 30 days postdischarge, %25.921.111.4
Number of hospital readmissions within 30 days postdischarge
 Number/100 patients33.225.3
Categories, %
Demographics, %
 Age group 65–7442.033.517.6
 Age group 75–8434.238.99.8
 Age group 85+23.827.68.7
 Gender: male36.441.710.9
 Race: white‡43.890.1112.9
 Race: black‡51.37.2110.9
 Race: Hispanic‡2.60.714.7
 Race: Asian‡
 Race: Other‡
Clinical characteristics as 12-month baseline, %
 AMI: anterior1.92.11.5
 AMI: other location1.52.14.1
 Metastatic cancer and acute leukaemia1.32.15.9
 Diabetes and diabetes complications54.544.719.8
 Protein-calorie malnutrition4.02.310.3
 Disorders of fluid/electrolyte/acid-base35.828.715.2
 Iron deficiency and other anaemias and blood disease47.436.422.5
 Dementia and senility21.917.411.3
 Hemiplegia, paraplegia, paralysis, functional disability11.66.318.4
 Congestive heart failure45.236.018.7
 Acute coronary syndrome25.722.76.9
 Angina pectoris/old myocardial infarction19.920.00.2
 Coronary atherosclerosis/other chronic ischaemic heart disease55.951.09.8
 Valvular and rheumatic heart disease21.520.81.5
 Cerebrovascular disease26.122.68.1
 Vascular or circulatory disease48.241.014.4
 End-stage renal disease7.42.125.0
 Renal failure31.422.220.9
 Other urinary tract disorders25.023.63.3
 Decubitus ulcer or chronic skin ulcer11.58.410.5
Clinical characteristics during Index AMI admission,%
 AMI: anterior6.47.95.8
 AMI: other location8.412.111.9
 Metastatic cancer and acute leukaemia0.61.04.4
 Diabetes and diabetes complications35.229.412.4
 Protein-calorie malnutrition2.42.21.7
 Disorders of fluid/electrolyte/acid–base23.219.010.3
 Iron deficiency and other anaemias and blood disease21.217.98.2
 Dementia and senility8.07.80.8
 Hemiplegia, paraplegia, paralysis, functional disability6.42.916.8
 Congestive heart failure44.238.012.6
 Acute coronary syndrome0.60.92.7
 Angina pectoris/old myocardial infarction6.66.81.1
 Coronary atherosclerosis/other chronic ischaemic heart disease61.266.912.0
 Valvular and rheumatic heart disease8.411.39.9
 Cerebrovascular disease4.93.94.8
 Vascular or circulatory disease17.917.31.5
 End-stage renal disease2.50.615.2
 Renal failure32.623.819.6
 Other urinary tract disorders4.54.81.6
 Decubitus ulcer or chronic skin ulcer3.82.29.4
  • *An absolute standardised difference >10 (approximately equivalent to p<0.05) indicates significant imbalance of a characteristic.

  • †p<0.001, two-sample t test.

  • ‡Race variables reported for informational purposes only. Consistent with CMS hospital readmission risk adjustment modelling methodology, they are not included as covariates in the models.

  • AMI, acute myocardial infarction; CABG, coronary artery bypass surgery; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention.