Table 2

Calculation of institutional perinatal mortality rate by different surveillance methods

Stillbirths (N)Neonatal deaths (N)Perinatal deaths (N)Births tracked (N)PNMR/1000 (95% CI)
Register method
 2-registers18233215687231.3 (30.1 to 32.6)
 3-registers18237219687231.9 (30.4 to 33.3)
Phone-tracking method182412236872 (30.8 to 34.0)32.6
Cap–recap method18264246687235.8 (34.2 to 37.4)
  • PNMR, perinatal mortality rate; 2-registers, labour room and newborn care unit registers; 3-registers, labour room, newborn care unit and monthly death registers (latter from community).