Table 4

Creative use of template

TimeN/PWordsBodily conductScreen
10.37NLet's pop it in the screen
and see what we've got.
N pulls her chair into the desk, gazing at the screen. P→EPRConsultation screen
N types keystrokes with her R
hand holding the PEFR meter in
her L hand
P looks at the screen throughout
Consultation screen. Entry 2 months earlier by receptionist— Asthma check due. Navigates to ‘templates’ List of templates presented

Selects R—respiratory templates

There are 4 respiratory templates from which she selects A asthma
Monitoring check [DONE

your height was a hundred and seventy one point fi::::::ve
First line in template ‘monitoring done’—she adds Y (yes). Hits return so today's date is entered. Then skips a line called ‘except report’
Field: O/E height

N looks down at a piece of paper to L of her desk then types in his height into template
.hhh look you've grown a centimetreN gazes at the screen and points to the screen sweeping finger across to show him the previous height on the template
10.49PHave I
HE HE (laughs)
[C C]
[Doesn't show it

Field: O/E weight, last recorded entry 16m ago
Nhe he
Field: smoking status (7 options). Last recorded entry "Never" 30m ago
(Transcript not shown)...
N looks down at the paper on her desk, pointing at it with R handField: Peak Flow Rate
11:14NFive thirty was your best wasn't itN→EPR; P →EPR
N(( C C C C )) (3.7)N→keyboard as types.
Enters 530, return displays today's date. EPR calculates predicted PEFR as 600
11:19NSo: your predicted is 600 >so it's a little bit< under but that's not too badN and P looking at screen
11:24N↑was five thirty your best?N →EPR; P→ EPR
(1.8)N reaches for PEFR meter and looks at gauge. P →N
11.27P[°was it five eighty?°]N tightens cap on PEFR, P looking at N
N[Just do it once more for me
11:29NDID YOU::?N passes PEFR to P who stands up as receives it
  • PEFR, peak expiratory flow rate; EPR, electronic patient record.