Table 2

Setting up the frame for the asthma consultation

TimeN/PSpoken wordBodily conduct/notes on EPR
01:08NSo really straightforwardN puts a paper on the desk
(0.4)N rotates body and gazes to face P, her hands on her lap. P looking at N
01:09NAsthma assessment
POkayP nods
01.11Nto see how your asthma's do:ing:N raises both hands in front
01.13Nwhat you're doing w- with it when it's good, what you do with it when it's ba:d,
(0.2) have you any problems with your
(0.4) .hhh
N uses fingers to count (on ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘problems’)
(0.5)N hands open out in front of her
01.19NVery straightforward stuffN hands to lap
POka[yP nods
N  [all right?
01:21NU:::hmN rotates body and gaze to EPR screen, hands on lap
01:23NWhat I've got hereN gestures her open hands towards the EPR screen (displaying the patients ‘summary’ screen)
01:24NIs that you're on:: (0.4) a purple inhaler?N rotates back towards P, bringing hands together
Yeh (.)
uhm (0.2)

P glances briefly towards the EPR screen
  • EPR, electronic patient record.