Table 1

Extract from consultation in a diabetic clinic

TimeN/PWords spoken/soundsBodily conductScreen
18.54NDoes the diabetes get you
↑down Mr C?
N→EPR; P looking down doing shoelaces N↔PDiabetes template, with fields completed relating to foot examination. Cursor highlights field ‘Eye Clinic’ (Y or N)
(1.0)N↔P. P puts hands on both his knees
18.57PI get bored with lifeP frowns
What bored with the f:ood o:r
P turns head to gaze at an adjacent chair. N→P

P turns to an adjacent chair and lifts his jumper
19.02P.hhh ah well °never mind°P lifts his jumper as turns towards N again
u::- used to be a drinking man
P looks straight ahead. N remains looking at P
when I had to give up the beer I had to give up an awful lot of other things: (.) surprising really
P holds his jumper up in front of him and arranges it, looking at it as he talks
19.11N°<Yeah (.) yeah>°N→P
PmmP looks ahead, purses lips
19.13NSo you have a whiskeyP turns to N
19.15PYeah I have a whiskey at nightP↔N
19.16N°yeh°N nods
(0.2 )
19.17PCos ↑whiskey hasn't got much
sugar in
P returns to rearranging his jumper holding it up in front
Pits all been turned into alcohol a good whiskey maker so
(0.8)P still holding his jumper in front turns to N
19.23NAnd beer has quite a lot of carbohydrate doesn't itN→P, N nodding slightly
P[yeahP returns his gaze to his jumper, nodding
you think of the volume
(0.6)N turns gaze to her desk
19.27N°okay°N gazing at desk, P arranging his jumper
19.29N°All right then°
(N typing for 12 seconds)P looking ahead putting his jumper over his head. N rotates to face EPRBypasses field ‘diet’
Bypasses field ‘impotence’
Next field is ‘depression
screen’ –enters ‘Y’.