Table 2

Themes addressed in qualitative studies of the values and preferences about antiretroviral therapy in women living with HIV

Child healthMaternal healthBurden of treatment
Desire to reduce transmissionDesire for child to be healthyConcern about ART side effectsDesire to be healthyConcern about ART side effectsPill burden*
Ciambrone 200732
Ekama 201229
Ferguson 201437
Katiyari 201640
Katiyari 20167
Kim 20168
Kohler 201438
Mawar 200730
McDonald 201134
Ndlovu 200931
Richter 200236
Siegel 200139
Sowell 200135
Stinson 201233
Zhou 20169
  • *Pill burden: reports of forgetting or too busy to take medication, as well as sleeping through medication dosing time, were considered pill burden.

  • †Authors wrote that women were concerned about harm to mother and/or child but did not provide more detail.

  • ART, antiretroviral therapy.