Table 3

Adjusted estimates of the OR for perpetration of physical violence against students in the past week and victimisation of intimate partner violence (IPV) in Luwero District, stratified by staff members’ sex

Stratified by sexVictim of IPVPerpetrated physical violence against students, n(%)Stratum-specific adjusted OR*95% CIp value
65 (40.1)
63 (47.7)
0.66 to 1.970.06
45 (33.1)
42 (58.3)
1.29 to 5.09
  • Adjusted ORs and 95% CIs for the association between physical violence perpetration and sex and IPV, respectively, assessed using logistic regression with a random effect at the school level to account for clustering; p value derived from the likelihood ratio test.

  • *Adjusted for all staff background characteristics (age, job at school, number of offspring, victimisation of child sexual abuse, use of violence against non-students) and community-level factors (social norms accepting of physical discipline within community and socioeconomic status).