Table 3

Data collection schedule

 Young pregnancy
 Postcode/zip code
 First child
 Living with another adult
 Support in pregnancy
 Global health
 Long-term illness
 Anxious mood
 Ever worked
Primary outcomes
 Care outcomes
  Regular meal times
  Food choices
  Regular bedtime
  Regular bed routine
  Safety of the environment
 Responsivity outcomes
  Warm parenting
  Hostile parenting
  Parent responsivity, acceptance, and involvement▴●▴●
 Home learning environment outcomes
  Home organisation of the environment, learning materials and variety▴●▴●
Secondary outcomes
Care outcomes
  Child ever breast fed
  Duration of breast feeding
  Age started solids
  Drink choices apart from milk/formula
  Feeding problem
  Child ate breakfast today
  Sleep problem
 Responsivity outcomes
  Child–parent relationship
 Maternal outcomes
  Parenting efficacy
  Global health
  Anxious mood
  Maternal mental health
  Life satisfaction
  Locus of control
  Maternal quality of life
  Maternal stress++
  Current employment
  Current education
 Child outcomes
  Child global health
  Child stress+
  Communication and symbolic behaviour
  Maternal–child interactions
  Parental enablement
  Parent satisfaction
 Sibling outcomes
  Sibling mental health and behaviour
  • ●Collected by parent report; ▴collected by observation; +collected by hair sample.