Table 2

Overview of organisational approaches to managing competing interests

 Documented policy and disclosure formsDisclosure forms, no policyNo policy, No disclosure forms
AHRQCCHMCHealth DialogHealthwiseOption GridSydneyPATIENT+OttawaEmmiMayoWiserCareHamburg
Applies to contributor and family members✓*
Applies to financial interests only
Applies beyond financial interests
Full financial disclosure✓†
Past interest disclosure
Current interest disclosure
Past and future interest disclosure
Restrictions placed on contributors with competing interests
Exclusion of contributors with competing interests
Documented process for evaluating disclosures
Documented policy exemptions
Competing interest principles followed✓‡
Request informal disclosures
Disclosure made on decision aid✓§✓§
  • *Applies to lead editors only.

  • †Threshold for financial disclosure is role dependent.

  • ‡Follow IPDAS.

  • §Web link to disclosure provided on decision aid.

  • AHRQ, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; CCHMC, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center; Emmi, Emmi Solutions; IPDAS, International Patient Decision Aids Standards; Mayo, Mayo Clinic; Ottawa, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute; Option Grid, Option Grid Collaborative; Hamburg, University Medical Center Hamburg; Sydney, Sydney School of Public Health.