Table 3

Effect of treatment (ABC tool) on the total score and subdomains of the PACIC at different points in time, as established with mixed linear regression correcting for age, gender, healthcare setting and smoking status, n=331

Score in intervention group, mean (SD)Score in control group, mean (SD)β*95% CI
LowerUpperp Value
 12 months3.26 (1.26)2.97 (1.22)0.15−0.110.410.267
 18 months3.45 (1.21)2.90 (1.24)0.390.140.650.003
Delivery system design
 12 months3.55 (1.07)3.26 (1.08)0.19−0.040.430.100
 18 months3.73 (1.03)3.11 (1.10)0.520.300.75<0.001
Goal setting
 12 months3.21 (1.12)2.57 (1.00)0.400.180.61<0.001
 18 months3.24 (1.05)2.53 (0.97)0.500.290.71<0.001
 12 months3.26 (1.18)2.88 (1.16)
 18 months3.29 (1.22)2.76 (1.14)0.380.140.620.002
 12 months2.29 (1.13)2.05 (0.99)0.12−0.070.310.215
 18 months2.29 (1.09)2.14 (1.08)0.04−
Total score
 12 months3.09 (1.00)2.71 (0.91)
 18 months3.11 (0.95)2.62 (0.97)0.320.140.500.001
  • *β=mixed linear regression weight for treatment at that point in time. β>0 indicates a higher score in the intervention group. Higher scores or positive change scores indicate a higher perceived quality of care based on the PACIC. Effects in this table are based on the mixed model after deleting the treatment effect at baseline, which was never significant (see the Methods section). Effects before deleting the treatment effect were very similar and agreed with the present table in terms of significance yes/no.

  • ABC tool, Assessment of Burden of COPD tool; PACIC, Patient Assessment of Chronic Illness Care.