Table 1

Estimate of annual number of UK patients with breast cancer suitable for IORT, travel distances saved and reduction in CO2 emissions (1 mile=1.61 km)

Selection criteriaProportion of UK patients (%)Annual UK patients suitable for TARGIT-AloneTravel distance saved (million miles)
305 mile/pt* or 753 miles/pt†
CO2 emissions saved (tonnes)Area of forest to sequester annual CO2 emissions‡ (ha)
ESTRO§34.112 8003.90*1115*101.2*
TARGIT¶5420 2506.18*1763*160.2*
  • *Estimate as per TARGIT-A trial patients.

  • †Estimate as per Swindon and Harlow patients.

  • ‡Calculated using a value of three tonnes carbon sequestered per hectare per annum.§Based on consensus opinion only.23 ,24

  • ¶Based on randomised evidence (TARGIT-A trial) and two large cohort studies (French and German).17 ,25

  • IORT, intraoperative radiotherapy.