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An analysis of the content and clinical implications of online advertisements for female genital cosmetic surgery

Table 2

Types of procedures available

General category of procedure Operations available
Labial surgery Labioplasty, labial reduction, labial augmentation, labia design, vaginal lip reduction, labia majora reduction, liposculpting of labia majora, combination labioplasty, expert labiaplasty, expert augmentation/enlargement of labia majora, laser reduction labioplasty, laser reduction labioplasty with reduction of thickness of the minora, Designer laser labiaplasty, stem-iris labial sculpting, laser reduction labiaplasty of the labia major via extension of perineoplasty, augmentation labioplasty via fat transfer
Clitoral Surgery Expert clitoral hood reduction, clitoral hood reduction, hoodectomy, prepuce reduction, reduction excess prepuce
Vaginal Surgery Vaginoplasty, vaginal tightening, vaginal rejuvenation, laser vaginal rejuvenation, vaginal reshaping, vaginal reconstruction, vaginal enlargement, vaginal reduction, Designer vagina, vaginal rugae rejuvenation, Designer laser vaginoplasty
Hymenal Surgery Hymen reconstruction, hymenoplasty, hymen repair, virginity reconstruction, hymen cosmetic surgery, virginity repair, hymenorraphy, laser hymenoplasty, hymen restoration
Non-specific vulval and perineal surgery (may include labial surgery but not specified) Vulvoplasty, perineoplasty, liopscupting, vulval lipoplasty, genitalia rejuvenation, genital lift, genitoplasty
Surgery to mons pubis Liposculpting of mons pubis, mons pubis reduction
G-spot G-spot augmentation, G-spot enhancement

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