See original article: Wand and Ramjee 2 (1).

Correction to Wand and Ramjee 2 (1)
BMJ Open 2:e000285corr1 doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2011-000285corr1
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Wand H, Ramjee G. The relationship between age of coital debut and HIV seroprevalence among women in Durban, South Africa: a cohort study. BMJ Open 2012;2:e000285.

The following reference was omitted from the paper:

10. Wand H, Ramjee G. Combined impact of sexual risk behaviors for HIV seroconversion among women in Durban, South Africa: implications for prevention policy and planning. AIDS Behav 2011;15:479–86.

References in the manuscript should be re-numbered accordingly. In the ‘Methods’, section ‘Population attributable risk’, lines 1–3 should have read: “Although ORs and RRs may be well suited to assessment of causality, they do not provide information about the potential impact on disease occurrence by eliminating these risk factors.10

In the ‘Potential limitations of the study’, page 7, second paragraph, the second sentence should have read: “In order to interpret a PAR as the proportion of cases caused by a risk factor and thus that could be prevented by its elimination from the target population, causality needs to be proven.10

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