1. Corrigendum

    It is worth noting that 'RR' in the title of our article is indeed 'relative risk' but that there is no statistical inference associated with our use of this term.

    Also, I am grateful to Ross Bearman and others for pointing out some typos / errors in our paper - namely: The introduction states cannabis is a class C drug, the correct designation of class B is listed in table 1.

    Figure 2 identifies methylphenidate as class C (should be class B)

    Figure 3 identifies benzodiazepines as class B (class C)

    Figure 3 methylphenidate as not classified (class B) All three charts identify: Ketamine as class B (class C) Buprenorphine as class B (class C) Dihydrocodeine as class C (class B) Amphetamines as class C (class B) Barbituates as class C (class B)

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