See original article: Vaucher et al. 2 (1).

Correction to Vaucher et al. 2 (1)
BMJ Open 2:e000692corr1 doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2011-000692corr1
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Vaucher P, Bischoff T, Diserens EA, et al. Detecting and measuring deprivation in primary care: development, reliability and validity of a self-reported questionnaire: the DiPCare-Q. BMJ Open 2012;2:e000692. Figure 2 reports the DiPCare-Q index combining weights from each of the three sub-indexes. The function below the figure corresponds to the regression function associating subjective social status to the DiPCare-Q sub-indexes from the derivation set. The entered numbers in the table do not fit to the function. The numbers written in the table itself are issued from a first version that had not transformed sub-indexes before computing the final index. They are therefore erroneous. Please refer to the corrected figure below.

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